Vol. IV Episode 45: The Monkey Island Series with Special Guest Ron Gilbert
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25 years ago, the landscape of adventure games changed forever with The Secret of Monkey Island. This LucasArts classic essentially changed the rules for a once-formidable genre; instead of punishing experimentation, Monkey Island presents a death-free world where players can’t paint themselves into game-ending corners—definitely not the norm for adventure games of its era. On this special episode of Retronauts, listen in as Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert talks about his history with adventure games, and his current role on the upcoming Thimbleweed Park. And if you don’t care about that, maybe we could interest you in these fine leather jackets? Be sure to visit our blog at Retronauts.com, and check out our partner site, USgamer, for more great stuff. And if you’d like to send a few bucks our way, head on over to our Patreon page!