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Images. Where do you put them? What are they called? Thumbnails? Big ones? Ahh?!?!Links:[5.5] Allow macros to be registered using classes (in addition to closures) by sebastiaanluca · Pull Request #19782 · laravel/framework[5.5] Add Route::view() helper by brayniverse · Pull Request #19835 · laravel/framework[5.4] Make Arr::random($array, 1) return an array of one item by vlakoff · Pull Request #19826 · laravel/framework[5.5] Add Route::redirect() method by brayniverse · Pull Request #19794 · laravel/framework[5.5] [Concept] PSR-11 compliant container by deleugpn · Pull Request #19822 · laravel/frameworkWatch Ryan Singer - Design: Case Study from Laracon US!54: Jonathan Reinink - Forms: The Worst Part of Web Dev | Full Stack Radio