154 Dr. Giora Yaron Israeli Startup Legend
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Having a laser eye on a single goal can ensure you more chances of success. But what if conquering many things in a lifetime is your definition of fulfillment? In today’s episode, startup legend Dr. Giora Yaron tells us about the many things that he’s willingly taken on in his search for enjoyment and, ultimately, contentment. “I’m gonna work my way into the grave.” - Dr. Giora Yaron Three Things We Learned Personal fulfillment is never about the money If you take a peek into Dr. Yaron’s entrepreneurial career, you’ll find out pretty quickly that it’s all about taking several leaps of faith. On top of founding several businesses, he is involved in boards and university, among other things. After a while, doing what you do solely for the money can get redundant and boring, and contentment can always be derived from other things that you’re genuinely interested in. Success in life isn’t all about perfection, it’s about balance Dr. Yaron currently considers his life to be very balanced, unlike when he was…