011: WikiLeaks and the CIA
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Has the CIA been using a Weeping Angel to spy on you via your Smart TV? Have WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal been compromised? What is the secret of the SATAN ransomware? And can you avoid having your data searched as you pass through border control? Computer security veterans Graham Cluley, Carole Theriault and special guest Paul Ducklin discuss. SHOW NOTES: Nintendo Classic Mini WikiLeaks says it releases files on CIA cyber spying tools The CIA didn’t break Signal or WhatsApp, despite what you’ve heard After NSA hacking exposé, CIA staffers asked where Equation Group went wrong Apple, Samsung Respond To Wikileaks Claims Of CIA Hacking Programs Twitter reactions to the WikiLeaks CIA data dump Is the CIA’s Weeping Angel spying on TV viewers? Satan ransomware: old name, new business model 3 (free) things that journalists can do right now to protect their data and their sources at the border The US Gov Can Download the Entire Contents of Your Computer at Border Crossings What Are Your Rights if Border Agents…