010: The dolls must be destroyed
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A creepy teddybear leaks two million voicemail messages, Windows 10 pushes you into only installing vetted apps, and Boeing warns 36,000 employees their personal information could have been exposed after a worker sends a spreadsheet to his wife. All this and more is discussed by computer security veterans Graham Cluley, Vanja Svajcer and Carole Theriault. SHOW NOTES: Announcing the first SHA1 collision Tavis Ormandy: Cloudflare Reverse Proxies are Dumping Uninitialized Memory Incident report on memory leak caused by Cloudflare parser bug List of Sites possibly affected by Cloudflare’s #Cloudbleed HTTPS Traffic Leak Quantifying the impact of “CloudBleed” CloudPets commercial Data from connected CloudPets teddy bears leaked and ransomed, exposing kids’ voice messages Microsoft slaps Apple Gatekeeper-like controls on Windows 10: Install only apps from store Boeing Notifies 36,000 Employees Following Breach This episode of Smashing Security is sponsored by NetFort - https://www.netfort.com/ NetFort LANGuardian…