62: Brain Jizz and “Black Mirror”
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Dave and Tamler discuss a new study that, according to Tamler, offers decisive support for restorative approaches to criminal punishment (the only problem is he didn't read past the introduction). And speaking of justice, we talk about "White Bear"—the most disturbing episode of the UK series Black Mirror that doesn’t involve sex with a non-kosher animal. (Note: Massive spoilers for this episode of BM—watch before listening. Available on netflix, amazon prime.)LinksBlack Mirror, "White Bear" episode [imdb.com]Ultimatum Game [wikipedia.org]Justice Porn [reddit.com]Fehr, E., & Gächter, S. (2002). Altruistic punishment in humans. Nature, 415(6868), 137-140.FeldmanHall, O., Sokol-Hessner, P., Van Bavel, J. J., & Phelps, E. A. (2014). Fairness violations elicit greater punishment on behalf of another than for oneself. Nature Communications, 5.Support Very Bad Wizards