65: Philocalypse Now
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Holy crap, it's the apocalypse!!!! …for philosophy. Maybe. Has this 2500 year old discipline become too technical, too disconnected from the real world? Is it just a handmaiden to the sciences? (Which would make Tamler Dave's handmaiden.) And what the hell is conceptual analysis? Plus, a short excerpt of Tamler's interview with Simon Blackburn, and definitive proof that worms have free will (sorry Sam). And only one more week to buy our t-shirt!LinksFree Will? Analysis of worm neurons suggest how a single stimulus can trigger different responses [sciencedaily.com]Strawson, P. F. (1962). Freedom and resentment. [princeton.edu]Doomen, J. (2015). The end of philosophy. Think, 14(39), 99-109. [verybadwizards.com]For a Non-Ideal Metaphysics by Justin Smith [jehsmith.com] Concepts [plato.stanford.edu]Harry Frankfurt says Philosophy is in the Doldrums [http://leiterreports.typepad.com]Simon Blackburn's Website [phil.cam.ac.uk]Support Very Bad Wizards