73: Authentic Apes and Infinite Torture
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In what is possibly our most repugnant first segment ever, David and Tamler break down the ethics of zoophilia and investigate the true nature of consent. In the second segment we answer some listener emails and address our first question in our new capacity as International Ethics Experts.™ If your family is religious, how honest should you be with your children about your non-belief? Do the comforting aspects of religious belief outweigh the fears and anxieties? What’s the deal <Seinfeld voice> with Christians and hell?Plus, sex-ed from a female perspective, a brief nostalgic trip to The Electric Company, and David overcomes his horror of self-promotion to thank some people for praising the podcast. LinksTop 25 Podcasts for Men [hiconsumption.com]People Behind the Science podcast episode featuring David [peoplebehindthescience.com]Radio Tatas! Episode 37: “In a Row?!?” (their review of VBW starts at around the 30:00 mark) [radiotatas.libsyn.com]Cecil the Lion [wikipedia.org]New York Court: Chimps Are Still…