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Dave and Tamler square off the role of the victim in criminal punishment and find little to agree about. Tamler defends the restorative justice approach, while Dave expresses skepticism about its value and worries it might even be damaging. Arguments ensue, but be sure to stick around for the third segment as it features an unusually focused and productive discussion—for them anyway.Also discussed: the best character on “The Wire,” the startling specificity of KG’s trash-talking, and a listener calls us out on not justifying the meaningfulness of life. LinksFamily Guy- Breaking Bad (and The Wire) [youtube.com]The Wire- Omar in court [youtube.com]Restorative Justice [wikipedia.org]Christie, N. (1977). Conflicts as Property. British Journal of CriminologyGreg Ousley is sorry for killing his parents. Is that enough? [NY Times magazine]”The Caging of America” by Adam Gopnik. [New Yorker]”Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice?” [NY Times magazine]Support Very Bad Wizards