48: Restorative Circle Jerk
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Dave and Tamler take a mulligan and try to resolve their conflict about restorative justice. Do restorative processes lead to more just outcomes than other approaches? Is it more vulnerable to instances of prejudice and bias? Is revenge a form of restorative justice? Also, on this episode: can being sexist get you killed in a hurricane? Are replication attempts a form of bullying? And why is Dave hoarding gefilte fish in his pantry?LinksEd Yong on Hurricane Study [phenomena.nationalgeographic.com]Scatterplot blog on hurricane study [scatter.wordpress.com]Simine Vazire on "Repligate" [sometimesimwrong.typepad.com]Restorative Justice online [restorativejustice.org]"Restorative Justice in Texas: Past, Present, and Future." by Mark Levin [texaspolicy.com]Bridges to Life [bridgestolife.org]Michelle Anderson The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness [amazon.com]Support Very Bad Wizards