128: Fragmented Values and Sex Panics (with Christina Hoff Sommers)
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November 28, 2017
David and Tamler keep their Nagel streak alive, discussing the essay "The Fragmention of Value" from his collection "Mortal Questions." How should we address our fragmented moral landscape, with multiple sources of value that can't be reduced or systematically ordered? Does this make all of our moral decisions arbitrary? Plus, we talk about Louis CK and in a Thanksgiving tradition special guest Christina Hoff Sommers rejoins the podcast in a moderately drunken debate with Tamler about a possible sex panic. Special Guest: Christina Hoff Sommers.Support Very Bad WizardsLinks:Christina Hoff Sommers - WikipediaWe’re at risk of turning #metoo into rush to blame all men - NY Daily NewsNagel, T. (2012). Mortal questions. Cambridge University Press. [amazon.com affiliate link]Documentary Film Finding Vivian Maier | Vivian Maier Photographer