19: The Burning Bridges Episode (Pt. 2)
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Re-recording a not-so-tragically lost episode (it kinda sucked), Dave and Tamler talk about the things they hate most about philosophy and psychology. But first they discuss a blog post by a Rochester professor that wonders why it’s not OK to rape someone who’s passed out. Also: same-sex marriage, telling dirty jokes to your daughter, Meredith Baxter Birney, Lifetime movies, how to eat crawfish, and Dave takes a bold, even heroic, stand by criticizing a Republican senator. LinksIn honor of our 19th episode, some Paul Hardcastle for you..Opening clip: Bridge on the River Kwai [youtube.com] Economist: Rapists reaping rewards of passed out girls [gawker.com]Molly Crockett’s TEDx Talk on Neuro-Bunk [TED.com]Friendship and Freedom (blog post, Flickers of Freedom—Tamler and Saul Smilanksy get into it about the “dubiousness” of gratitude in the comments )The Ikea Effect [hbr.org] Paul Bloom and David talk about social psychology’s dismissal of reason [bloggingheads.tv] Donate to Oxfam. It will feel good. And then…