67: Funny How?
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Dave and Tamler break the cardinal rule of comedy by trying to analyze it. What are the origins and functions of humor? Can a theory explain what makes us laugh? Is humor entirely subjective? Why would anyone find Mr. Bean funny? Plus, we lose some geek cred by confessing some iconic comedians that we never liked, and ask why the American Psychologist Association loves to torture people.LinksReport Claims American Psychological Association Secretly Supported Torture Policy [time.com]The philosophy of humor [iep.utm.edu]Key and Peele: Gay Wedding [youtube.com]Key and Peele: Awesome Hitler Story [youtube.com]Goodfellas: How the Fuck Am I Funny? [youtube.com]Steven Wright: Birthday Present [youtube.com]Hannibal Burress: Pickle Juice [youtube.com]George Carlin on Fat People [youtube.com]Jerry Seinfeld on Airport Security [youtube.com]Louis CK: Pig Newtons [youtube.com]Curb Your Enthusiasm: Rash [youtube.com]Eddie Murphy: Barbecue [youtube.com]Bill Burr on Trying to Buy a Pumpkin [youtube.com] Support Very Bad…