88: A Doobie for Elijah
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David and Tamler celebrate Passover with a high-spirited episode on guns, revenge, liberals, being offended, the fear of death, and whether kids have a right to be loved. Thanks to all you listeners for emailing your questions, comments, and complaints—this was a fun, energetic discussion. Plus, a blast from the past from an unusually alert Pizarro: Michael Shannon reading a sorority letter. But won’t somebody please think of the children???!! LinksMr. Robot Season 2 premiere date [usanetwork.com]Michael Shannon reads sorority letter [youtube.com]George Rainbolt’s review of “The Right to be Loved” by Matthew Liao [npdr.nd.edu]The Right to be Loved by S. Matthew Liao [amazon]The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker [wikipedia.org]A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell [wikipedia.org]The Story of Philosophy by Wil DurantRick and Morty [imdb.com]Marijuana is Kosher [npr.org]Louis CK on the Bill Simmons podcast [youtube.com]Is Shame Necessary? by Jennifer Jacquet [amazon.com affiliate link]Jennifer…