58: Do the Right Thing (with Yoel Inbar)
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Film critic, VBW regular, and social psychologist Yoel Inbar joins David and Tamler to talk about Spike Lee’s controversial 1989 film, Do the Right Thing, a movie about a day in the life of a small Brooklyn community on the hottest day of summer, and how the day’s events lead to a race riot. Which characters in the film deserve our sympathy? (Maybe all of them?) Who was Spike Lee criticizing with his depiction of the characters in this community? Why did Mookie start the riot at Sal’s? Was his action justified? Was starting the riot the “Right Thing” that Spike Lee was referring to in the title? Twenty five years after its release, how much have things changed? [Please note: we recorded this episode before the Ferguson verdict, which is why—despite some parallels—we don’t refer to the verdict or the aftermath.]LinksDo the Right Thing [imdb.com]Do the Right Thing Scene: Insults [youtube.com]Do the Right Thing Scene: RIP Boom Box [youtube.com]Do the Right Thing Scene: Just Off the Boat [youtube.com]When Spike…