60: Drunk on Intuitions
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Dave and Tamler argue some more about the role of emotion and intuition in blame judgments, and then offer some moral psychology-related recommendations for your New Year’s viewing and reading pleasure. Plus, can you turn listening to VBW into a good drinking game? Offer some suggestions and win a free Very Bad Wizards T-shirt! LinksTamler's early defense of free will skepticism:"Darrow and Determinism" [naturalism.org]"No Soul? I Can Live with That. No Free Will? AHHHHH!!!" [psychologytoday.org]"Free Will Skepticism in Action" [naturalism.org]Tamler's interview with Galen Strawson [believermag.org]The Objective Attitude [philpapers.org]Daniel Miessler on Sam Harris vs. Very Bad Wizards [danielmiessler.com]The Sceptic by David Hume [econlib.org]Paul Russell’s Free Will, Art, Morality [verybadwizards.com]Locke [imdb.com]The Subjective Effects of Nitrous Oxide by William James [erowid.org]Kahan, D. M., Peters, E., Dawson, E. C., & Slovic, P. (2013). Motivated numeracy and enlightened self-government. Social…