133: Death and Dreams
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David and Tamler talk about the nature of death. Is being dead a bad thing? If so, what makes it bad? How can anything be bad for a subject that no longer exists? We didn't have a problem with oblivion for the thirteen billion years before we were born, why fear it now? Plus, a discussion about the "it was all a dream" trope in TV and film. Why is it so infuriating in some works but not others?Support Very Bad WizardsLinks:Tommy Westphall - Wikipedia20 Years Ago: 'Newhart' ends with a shock | EW.comDallas (1978 TV series) (season 9) - WikipediaIt's Just a Cartoon, How can SpongeBob and friends go to the beach if…Nagel, T. (1970). Death. Noûs, 73-80.