82: Totalitarian Slide-Rulers
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David and Tamler take a break from their main jobs as TV critics to talk about a masterpiece in political philosophy: "Two Concepts of Liberty" by Isaiah Berlin. While they both celebrate the style and substance of this classic essay, in a startling twist Tamler praises conceptual analysis and David expresses a few misgivings about his Kantianism. What is the elusive idea of positive liberty, and how can its pursuit lead to totalitarian rule? When is it more important to buy boots than read Russian poetry? And why is David still so depressed by pluralism? Plus, coddling in Wisconsin? And another famous set of social psych studies is accused of biting the dust. LinksIn Wisconsin, Efforts to End Taunting at Games Lead to Claims of Coddling By Mike McPhate [nytimes.com]Take my Breath Away by Berlin [youtube.com]Cortex Podcast Episode #20 [relay.fm]Amy Cuddy "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are" TED Talk [ted.com]"The Power of the Power Pose: Amy Cuddy's Famous Finding is the Latest Example of Scientific…