129: Dystopias
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December 12, 2017
David and Tamler assert their autonomy as individuals by discussing their favorite dystopian works of art. Rebelling against a repressive regime, they refuse to sacrifice their privacy, uniqueness, and reproductive freedom. Through sheer force of will - the human spirit - they triumph over the pressures to … wait what? You want me to take that pill? Okay, can't hurt. Aaahhhhh. So happy… So content… Must keep order. When the individual feels, the community reels. I am you, and you are I. I am you, and you are I. Plus, a real-life trolley problem! (Or is it?)Support Very Bad WizardsLinks:Very Bad Wizards subreddit — Contribute to our Reddit discussions!Letters of Note: 1984 v. Brave New WorldHarrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut [wordfight.org]The Lobster (2015) - IMDbGattaca (1997) - IMDbNever Let Me Go (novel) - WikipediaChildren of Men (2006) - IMDbThe Trial (1962) - IMDbThe Trial - WikipediaIt's a Good Life (The Twilight Zone) - WikipediaSnowpiercer (2013) - IMDbIdiocracy (2006) - IMDbA Clockwork Orange…