106: American Grandstand
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David and Tamler take a break from moral grandstanding to talk about moral grandstanding. How often do we moralize to make us look respectable? Does grandstanding make us more cynical about ethical debates? Does it contribute to outrage exhaustion and increased polarization? Most importantly, who does it more, David or Tamler? Plus: some of our favorite answers to this year's Edge.org question. (You can read the paper by Justin Tosi and Brandon Warmke on the links page.)Support Very Bad WizardsLinks:What Scientific Term or Concept Ought to Be More Widely Known? | Edge.orgEdge.org - Brian Eno "The Confirmation Bias" Edge.org - Daniel Rockmore "The Trolley Problem"Edge.org - Michael Gazzaniga "The Schnitt"Edge.org - Sean Carroll "Bayes' Theorem"Edge.org - Lisa Randall "Effective Theory"Tosi, J., & Warmke, B. (2016). Moral Grandstanding. [full text preprint]Gross Anatomy: In This Political Climate, When Are We Right to Feel Disgusted? | News & City Life | HoustoniaMinson, J. A., & Monin, B. (2012). Do-gooder…