32: Disagreeing About Disagreement
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September 30, 2013
Part II of our discussion on Rai and Fiske (sort of): We answer a listener’s email and in the process get into an episode long argument about moral intuitions, psychological facts, the implications of moral disagreement. Before that, we talk about the recent study about testicles and parenting. We don’t play small ball on this one. LinksTesticular volume is inversely correlated with nurturing-related brain activity in human fathers [pnas.org]”Study: You May be a Terrible Dad Because You Have Enormous Testicles” “Aw Nuts! Nurturing Dads Have Smaller Testicles, Study Shows”“Want to Know if Your Partner Will Be a Good Dad? Measure His Testicles.” Frances Kamm [wikipedia.org]Reflective Equilibrium [plato.stanford.edu]Doris, J. M., and Plakias, A. (2008). “How to Argue about Disagreement: Evaluative Diversity and Moral Realism.” In Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (ed.), Moral Psychology, Volume 2: The Cognitive Science of Morality. Cambridge: MIT Press Support Very Bad Wizards