76: Cha-Cha-changes
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David and Tamler list three things they've changed their minds about in their careers. (This episode was recorded before Episode 75, but that one was way too long already.) What does Tamler think about X-phi these days? Has Dave lost his faith in the power of reason? What the hell is 'non-cognitivism'? Plus, Dave disagrees with John Hodgman about the metaphysical property of a hot dog. And a couple of listener shout-outs, including giving credit to a listener for giving us a topic idea we discussed without realizing she had suggested it in an email weeks ago. LinksEthical Expressivism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)Moral Anti-Realism (Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy)John Hodgman on the hot dog/sandwich debate. (NY Times Mag)"Perspectives on P.F. Strawson's "Freedom and Resentment." (Really good introduction by Michael McKenna and Paul Russell.)Support Very Bad Wizards