14: Bonus Episode on Snitches, Tattletales, and Whistleblowers
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In a break from tradition, we recorded a 25-minute episode on the morality of tattletaling, snitching, ratting, and whistleblowing. We discuss why these people seem especially despicable (except for maybe “Bubbles” from “The Wire” and the guy from “The Insider”), and David gets Tamler to agree that he’d never turn him into the police. We also puzzle over the existence of porn theaters, and the origins of the expression “flip a bitch.” LinksStop Snitchin’ campaign [wikipedia.org]Bubbles (character from “The Wire”) [wikipedia.org]Time Magazine Persons of the Year: Whistleblowers [time.com]Ingram, G. P., & Bering, J. M. (2010). Children’s tattling: The reporting of everyday norm violations in preschool settings. Child development, 81, 945-957.Obie Trice feat. Akon “Snitch”“Dry Snitching” [urbandictionary.com] Support Very Bad Wizards