dream hampton on Black Liberation in the Hour of Chaos
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And the price of being a critical woman of color.She was tight with Biggie and has the ear of some of today’s biggest musicians, but writer, filmmaker, and social justice activist dream hampton prefers to stay out of the limelight – if she can. Known as “your favorite rapper’s favorite writer,” hampton has become an influencer who doesn’t shy away from dialogue, both supporting the movements she cares about most while continuing to question them from within. In this name- and mic-dropping episode, hampton and the Politically Re-Active hosts talk about the promise and pitfalls of young activists today, the cost of being a critical woman of color on Twitter, and the power of celebrity involvement in political issues (remember when Jay Z rapped for Prop 47? That was all hampton.). It’s all in this episode of #politicallyreactive!Dive into the mind of dream hampton on Twitter: @dreamhampton.And catch our hosts at a venue near you! Hari is touring with his new album “Mainstream American Comic,” and Kamau is…