16 - 2 Ninjas 1 Blog - Private cloud with Nick Colyer (@vNickC) and Amy Manley (@WyrdGirl)
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In an exciting chat about the rebirth of private cloud, we talk with Nick Colyer (@vNickC) and Amy Manley (@WyrdGirl) on their 2Ninjas1Blog project, succeeding in private cloud, and also the challenges of thinking cloud in a virtualized environment. We discover some great tips on what the common pitfalls are, and how teams can surpass them to succeed in adopting private cloud. Technology is a strong part of the solution, but the central focus is around people first, process second, and technology as the solution to solve the pain points. Show notes and podcast details available here: https://greencircle.vmturbo.com/community/industry-perspectives/blog/2016/04/23/gc-on-demand-ep-16-2ninjas1blog-private-cloud-with-nick-colyer-vnickc-and-amy-manley-wyrdgirl