174 - Ooohh Baby I Like It Raw (1/7/18)
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This week we talk the latest messy bitch media gabfest about the Trump Administration contrasted against the opening of much of the US coastline to offshore drilling. Then we have a laugh about the new Philly DA Krasner firing a whole bunch of prosectors. Matt gives us the rundown in the big Intercept interview with James Risen, and takes a trip down memory lane to the Plamegate fiasco. We close with Felix’s fever dream nightmare of Elon Musk’s Rockabilly Martian colony and the “Raw Water” craze sweeping Silicon Valley. THE GAMING DEBATE TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE: https://www.thebellhouseny.com/event/1614039-no-cartridge-gaming-debate-brooklyn/ The Intercept James Risen interview https://theintercept.com/2018/01/03/all-the-news-unfit-to-print-james-risen-on-his-battles-with-bush-obama-and-the-new-york-times/ Watch DAs get shitcanned here: http://6abc.com/2867602/ [9:27 PM, 1/7/2018] Amber Frost: New Yorkers! Join us for the second installment of Labor Now, brought to you by Jacobin and Verso, January 18th, 7…