BSCC: Mystery - Beware, Dawn
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It’s time for another BSC: Mystery, which means it’s time for another interview, except it’s not an interview, because interviewers don’t make their guests read children’s books. Reading “Beware Dawn” with the boys this week are Katie Heaney and Arianna Rebolini, authors of the incredible new book, “Public Relations,” and apparently a very steaming piece of erotic fiction featuring an eel man. Topics of discussion include G.I. Joe used in sex play, celestial beings, bonza sheilas, King Hiss, and much, much more. (Including a little bit of Baby-Sitters Club discussion.) Music Credits: “Snowfall” by Kai Engel “Free Scary Music” by Joro Gaming “Feel Like Horrible” by Different Heaven & Sian Area “Overture” by Lionheart Thanks as always to original Baby Boy…