090 - Stacey and the Bad Girls
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Extra long episode this week, Baby Nation! Tanner is back from a week in Germany, and for some reason, the boys thought it’d be a good decision to do a late night record while Tanner was still reeling from the effects of jet lag, so Jack has a really hard time keeping this one on the rails. There’s A LOT of singing. Too much singing. Sorry for all the singing. Stacey (with a soft ‘c’) or Stacey (with a hard ‘c’) (we’re not sure how it’s pronounced) has a run in with some bad girls who invite her into the seedy underworld of dingleberriness, and once it starts, the red, red wine never stops flowing. Also, we’re calling Robert the Brewdoggy now, and Stacey Sweet Toots McGill. Music Credits:“Radar Love” (Karaoke Version) originally performed by Golden Earring“Without Me” (Karaoke Version) originally performed by Eminem“Disarm” (Karaoke Version) originally performed by The Smashing Pumpkins“Mad World” (Karaoke Version) originally performed by Gary Jules“Raining” by Kai Engel“Against All Odds” (Karaoke Version)…