067 - Stacey’s Big Crush
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Oh wow! This week, Tanner had to wait over an hour while Jack finished reading the book and setting up his audio, and in that time, he got a little bit silly with some rosé and seltzer. In Stoneybrook, Stacey develops a crush on some dude who may or may not be a half-python-half-man, but also THERE’S A GOAT IN THIS BOOK NAMED ELVIRA AND SHE’S JUST A BABY AND SHE’S VERY GOOD! Music Credits: “Pompeii” by Josh Woodward https://soundcloud.com/guniball/josh-woodward-pompeii “Animals vs. Jump Under Control vs. Pompeii” by Adrian Quincina https://soundcloud.com/adrian-quincina/animals-vs-jump-under-control “POMPVNGLS” by Exation https://soundcloud.com/exation/bastille-evangelos-epicmotion-pompvngls-exation-mashup “Overture” by Lionheart https://soundcloud.com/thelionhearts/overture-lionheart Thanks as always to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and to Baby Bee Jay for the outro music.