107 - Abby’s Twin
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This is an urgent message for the Pulitzer Committee: The audio from our original version of Abby’s Twin – which you so kindly singled out as being worthy of your highest honor – has been irreparably lost. But thanks to our precision, our professionalism, and our consummate skill, we have perfectly recreated every note, every beat, every moment of that epoch-defining, award-worthy episode of audio magic and are now humbly presenting that recreation for your consideration. You will not find a word out of place. Kristy’s errors of judgement, Abby’s edgy comedy, Alan Gray’s moment in the sun: It’s all there, along with an exhaustingly comprehensive discussion of the Netflix original movie “Bright,” starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton – just like Ann M. Martin intended when she wrote this novel. Thank you. We love you and we kiss you all. Music credits: “The Verdict,” by 8th Mode “Stardust,” by Fox Beat Stock Music “Clouded,” by Soundwell Music “Buried Under Six Feet of Snow,” by TeknoAXE Thanks as always to…