096 - Mary Anne and the Memory Garden
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A life is cut tragically short this week and all of Stoneybrook comes together for a funeral for their friend Amelia. She was just thirteen years old when the ultimate killing machine, Doomsday, escaped its underground prison and fought her on the streets of Metropolis, leading to her tragic and untimely death and ultimately to the rise of four new heroes: Cyborg Amelia, Amelia of Steel, Ameliaboy, and the mysterious Last Amelia of Krypton. But can these new heroes stand up to villains such as The Dark Lady and live up to the legacy of Amelia, whose memory garden still serves as a reminder for the citizens of the world of her greatness? Music Credits:“Iris” (Karaoke Version) originally performed by Goo Goo Dolls”Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand” (Karaoke Version) originally performed by Primitive Radio Gods“Welcome to the Black Parade” Originally written and performed by My Chemical Romance Arranged for the Ateneo Blue Symphony by Giancarlo Uygongco“My Sharona” (MIDI Version)…