Ep259 – News: Dirty Money
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In this episode Aden and Simon are joined by regulars Kadhim and Liz for the news. This week we find out if it’s really necessary to use VR in banking; and, as ATMs are dying and costing banks to run, we discuss the pros and cons of hard cash versus digital transactions – and the various reasons why people are still keen on cash. We also myth-bust the theory that consumers are less trusting of robots or AI for banking and money movements than they would be for major surgery; and if it’s true Google can track what you’re buying online and offline via your credit card purchases – and how do we feel about this? Finally, the team debate the importance of big banks and banking regulators beginning to pay attention to fintech, and why Chicago should be a fintech hub, but isn’t. Guests Elizabeth Lumley FinTech commentator & Author of girl-disrupted.com Kadhim Shubber, Reporter at Financial Times News this week Finextra – BNP Paribas jumps into virtual reality – Link Finextra – Bank of America preps data sharing…