Ep245 – Mandatory Listening
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In this episode Our last news show at Level39, Aden Davies is on point for the first time, as we dive into the world of ageing plastic cards, whether social networks should be their own police force, there’s an update from the East, and just how legacy banking systems are maintained… the answer is cowboys. Don’t forget you can use our code 11FS17 to save £100 on your ticket to the Global Digital Banking Conference (http://www.globaldigitalbanking.com/). Guests Joining us for this week’s analysis of the news: Anna Irrera, Fintech Correspondent at Reuters James Lloyd, Asia-Pacific Fintech Leader at EY Ghela Boskovich News this week Engadget – Smart card Plastc goes under despite $9m in preorders, without shipping a single card – Link BBC – Mastercard reveals credit with fingerprint sensor – Link Business Insider – Allianz goes for Lemonade – Link Guardian F8 Roundup – Shark AR, Mind reading technology & group payments – Link Bank Innovation – 5 financial services bots launched at facebook-f8/ Link The Paypers…