Ep. 192. News: Everyone and their grandmother is buying into it
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Cruxy&Co's Alexandra Cheung and Capco's Charlie Wood joined David, Jason and Ross to go through this week's top stories in UK fintech and banking and around the world. We kick off with a slew of UK fintech stories, including Starling's launch of cross border payments, and also highlighting their research into "everyday sexism" into financial services marketing which was picked up by the mainstream media. Are we blind to everyday sexism? David says yes, Alexandra says no. We move on to a report by the inimitable Sarah Kocianski on the state of neo banks and how fintechs might have to try harder than before to keep their customers happy. Next up they discuss HSBC's proposed app to take advantage of Open Banking, and Tandem's purchase of Pariti. In the second half of the show we talk tech giants, as Google claim they want to be bank's friends not their rivals .- but do our panel believe them? - Google ban of crypto ads, Square's monumental share increase possibly as a result of embracing bitcoin, Amazon's…