Ep236 – Hangover Deep
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In this episode The day after the 11:FS birthday bash, we get hangover deep on FinTech Insider News – misquoting American presidents and everything when discussing the U.S. Congress’ decision to let ISPs sell your web browsing history to anyone without permission. “What’s interesting is that Facebook and Google, and especially Apple, have been pushing back on government requests for data quite publicly – and probably quite a bit more, privately.” Simon says. “Whereas the ISPs weren’t. The ISPs’ selling point here is, ‘Well, we’ve been selling you data forever on everything you want to see, give us this access and you’ll get to see everything you want to see on a terrorism standpoint.’ There’s an Abraham Lincoln quote, and I’m going to butcher it, but it’s something like, ‘If It’s liberty or security, I’d take liberty every single day,’ and I’d be willing to sacrifice a little bit of security for it. We seem to have lost that, in society, to a certain degree.” Give us liberty or give us death (just to throw…