Ep117 – InsurTech: Saving the World, Saving You Money
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In this episode Our first podcast dedicated to FinTech Insider Interviews features InsurTech influencers Freddy Macnamara and Mathilda Strom. Get Insured for an Hour (or more) on a Friend’s Car Freddy Macnamara, Founder and CEO of Cuvva, gives us a behind-the-scene’s look at how buying car insurance works, and how his InsurTech company has managed to cut out the intermediaries. “James, our co-founder, and I got an office in an incubator called Codebase in Edinburgh, and we hired a couple of contractors, raised a small seed round…and thought, right, what does the perfect insurance distribution platform look like? And we made a point of not talking to any industry veterans, so we could start from first principles – and what we’ve ended up with is a system where the customer is the defining feature of the database, rather than the policy.” Protecting the Future of Every Family Deputy CEO Mathilda Strom has helped Bima grow from a pilot in Ghana to an organisation bringing health, accident, and life insurance to…