Ep209 – Should UK Prepare for FinTech Exodus?; China Tests Digital Currency
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In this episode How do I change my culture? And what the hell happens to all those bank fines?! Our guest Richard Peers, Director of Financial Services at Microsoft (@Peerster), joins us to discuss these hot issues as part of our weekly roundup of FinTech Insider News. Digital DNA is radically different from legacy culture, and that needs to change, Richard says. To make digital transformation happen, technology is not enough. You have to have the right culture. It’s hearts and minds and empowering people. It’s not a quick fix, which many people are looking for. Deutsche was recently fined over money laundering claims – but where the hell do these fines go and what’s the politics behind it? How can bitcoin prevent money laundering? What are the new business models we need? Can we serve markets in new ways? Can we make money from data? It’s often a defensive conversation, it’s time for banks to go on the offense and look at open banking as a good thing, Richard says. News this week Telegraph – Fintech ‘boom’…