Ep200 – Transaction Banking: From Zero to Hero
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In this episode Transaction banking has been defined as “the plumbing of international business. It ensures that salaries get paid, money for goods and services gets delivered, investment returns are credited where they belong, and the wheels of world trade keep turning” – Global Finance Magazine. In this episode, Mark Buitenhek (@MarkBuitenhek), Global Head of Transaction Services at ING, and Benoit Legrand (@_benoitlegrand), Global Head of FinTech at ING join us for transaction banking 101. News this week The Independent – Sir Ivan Rogers quits: Britain’s EU ambassador attacks ‘muddled’ Brexit thinking in scathing resignation letter – Link TechCrunch – Monese raises $10M Series A for its banking app targeting immigrants and expats – Link House of Fraser also invests in Tandem – Link Finextra – China launches $1.5bn fintech fund – Link FT – Bitcoin has all the attributes of a pyramid scheme – Link Thanks for listening! If you get value from this podcast, please head on over to iTunes and leave us a review.…