Ep250 – If You Liked It, Then You Should’ve Put A Blockchain On It
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In this episode We discuss what a challenger bank really is – drawing a line in the sand for who is and who isn’t in the cool kids club. Alipay seems to be taking over the world through tourism, we discuss how that strategy might be the best route into the west. Debit cards are finding into the hands on children, how do we make sure kids don’t go crazy with (and power) – is this the new way for banks to acquire customers? All this and more on the news this week. Guests Elizabeth Lumley FinTech commentator & Author of girl-disrupted.com Ajit Tripathi, Director, Fintech and Digital Banking at PwC Dave Tonge, CTO at Moneyhub James Lloyd, Asia-Pacific Fintech Leader at EY Julian Sawyer, COO at Starling Bank Our community contribution was from Nina Mohanty this week (@ninamohanty) News this week Banking Technology – FinTech companies blast banks over PSD2 direct access angst – Link The Telegraph – Upstart Challenger Banks eye consolidation – Link Banking Technology – Deutsche Bank leads charge for pan-industry…