Ep204 – Tandem Takeover! Building a Digital Bank that Advocates for Customers
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In this episode Tandem Takeover! We talk to the team building ‘a new kind of bank’ about how you can be digital and still be very human, how to recruit at a startup, the future of banking, how to be truly agile, how to advocate for customers, and more. Guests Ricky Knox, CEO @rickykno Ruth Handcock, Chief Customer Officer @RuthHandcock Nick Perrett, Chief Product Officer “A good bank feels like a bank that actually has your back, that therefore is making decisions in your interest, much like your doctor might or a good friend might,” says Tandem CEO Ricky Knox. “How does that translate into a product and how do we build banking that fits seamlessly around your life, pulls out all the hassle, and answers the requirements you might have for borrowing or lending on an automated basis? The first step in that is owning and understanding the data surrounding your financial services life and relationship. Pulling that data together and forming that holistic picture of how the person’s finances are evolving, and…