Ryen Russillo
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Ryen Russillo joins The Woj Pod to talk about the powerhouse class of 2019 NBA free agents, small market vs big market free agent challenges, the future of one-and-done and much more. 1:57: Russillo’s move to Los Angeles 5:57: His pick-up game, and Steph Curry’s impact on young players. 9:44: The massive summer of 2019 in free agency, starting with Kawhi Leonard. 15:02: The Lakers not trading for Leonard after missing out on Paul George in a similar situation. 17:51: How the Clippers are setting themselves up to pursue Leonard. 19:54: The cast of characters the Lakers added this summer to surround LeBron James. 25:38: Questions surrounding Kyrie Irving’s future with the Celtics even though the team is set up so well for the future. 28:13: The Knicks being in position to land an impact player in 2019. 29:08: The long list of star players who can enter free agency next summer. 32:10: How the rising salary cap has outweighed league rules that try to limit player movement in free agency. 39:26: NBA players…