Swipe Right For Democracy
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Today we travel to a future where America has converted to a direct democracy. Everybody votes on everything! Hey, did you know it was an election year in the United States? I know, you’ve probably not really heard about this, it’s not like it’s on the news 24/7. But for all the coverage and the fights you might be getting into on Facebook, tons of people in the United States aren’t going to vote in this election. The Pew Research Center has some pretty depressing statistics on just how many Americans go to the polls every year. People in the U.S. don’t vote for a lot of reasons. The main one is time. But the second most common answer (16 percent) that Americans give, when asked by the Census Bureau why they don’t vote, is that they weren’t interested. And eight percent of people said they didn’t vote because they didn’t like the candidates or the issues. It’s no secret that Americans hate their government. In 2015, a Gallup poll estimated that only eight percent of Americans have faith in Congress as an…