EP10 - What NOT to do while building your community, and more on how to keep your team from burning out. (Live Q&A)
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This past Friday I went to the first Coworking Asia Unconference in Ubud, Bali. Okay, so I didn’t quite go to Bali for the weekend…but I did join for a Q&A session at the top of the second day thanks to the magic of the internet + Google Hangouts. Photo by Aulia Masna The answers I covered include: My #1 trick to get the most out of ANY unconference. How to avoid burnout in your team members. (Note: many coworking space community mangers seem to crash after about a year) Why coworking space acquisitions are rare, and consistently fail One of my favorite examples of using lessons learned in coworking to create new successful ventures What NOT to do when building your community You can also view more tweets and AMAZING photos from the Q&A. Next January - I’ll be there in person! Get the next episode automatically Subscribe in iTunes: http://bit.ly/coworkingweekly-itunes Subscribe in Stitcher: http://bit.ly/coworkingweekly-stitcher Subscribe to CoworkingWeekly emails to get future episodes first (and more from…