EP14 - Stayin’ alive, behind the scenes of a coworking space crisis. Part 1.
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September 2, 2015
Last week, I turned 32. And then this week, Indy Hall turned 9 years old. Nine. NINE. In coworking years, that’s basically forever. In the past 3 months our membership has grown by a double digit % – unprecedented growth during our usually slow summer months. I’m still trying to figure out what’s fueling that growth. But more importantly, with new members comes more diversity of every kind, new kinds of conversations every day, leading to new collaborations and exciting milestones for so many people. There’s a lot to celebrate. Meanwhile, as we head towards our 10th anniversary, we’re facing one of the biggest challenges in our history. Which might help explain why this is the first episode of The Coworking Weekly Show since May! Hiatus is over, and I hope you’re ready because in this episode, my teammate Adam and I grab a park bench near Indy Hall and talk about how our community celebrates milestones of all sizes, and then we talk about… …what happens when everything goes to shit? How do you react in…