EP7 - Fractals, Adulthood, Trust (and Tentacles): The Stack is Back w/Vanessa Gennarelli!
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Hey, welcome to 2015! If you’re joining us for the first time, this is a show where you get to be a fly on the wall for a very candid conversation between people with lots of different community building expertise - ranging from community management in a coworking space to building massive online learning communities. My goal is to help you learn how my guests and I connect the dots, solve problems, and understand the communities around us. We’re kicking off the first show of the year with the return of The Stack, a style of episode we debuted back in episode 3. That also means that today I’m joined again by learning community researcher, Indy Hall member, and dear friend Vanessa Gennarelli. Like we did in the last episode of The Stack, Vanessa and I navigate our way through a “stack” of three topics that we’ve chosen ahead of time….but that aren’t related in any obvious way. On The Stack for this session: Fractals Adulthood Trust And of course since this is the coworking weekly show, we tie those topics…