EP6 - Live from the Coworking Europe Conference, Part Dos
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Adventure into Session #6 of The Coworking Weekly Show, which is the second part of a conversation between Adam Teterus and I, recapping our experience at the annual Coworking Europe Conference, which this year was held in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. I hope you’re ready for a very intimate, very real peek “behind the curtain” of our conference experience. : Being that this is part two of the series, and we do refer to the first conversation a few times, if I were in your shoes I’d go back and listen to Session 5 to get caught up. If you don’t mind your conversations as a bit more of a jigsaw puzzle then by all means, keep on listening. In this conversation, Adam and I talk about our highlights from the conferences: the sessions that we got the most out of, and the connections conversations that stuck with us. But the conversation really heats up when we start to talk about the bigger picture: how do we take the experiences and lessons from the conference home with us to our communities, our team members, our…