Cloud vs. Edge and a VC’s view on What’s in Store for 2018
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February 14, 2018
For this episode of The New Stack Makers, Host TC Currie is joined by Steve Herrod, VC at General Catalyst where he focuses on infrastructure. He recently published an article on LinkedIn called Cloud vs. Edge – This is Not a Cage Match. “It comes down to the use cases,” Herrod said about the difference between Cloud and Edge computing, “You don’t want your car’s IoT chip to have to go to the cloud before it decides to make the turn, but it’s faster to go to the cloud to crunch a bunch of sensor data from thousands of IoT devices.” Listen in to hear how existing companies are like elephants, where Herrod looks for engineers to staff his startups, recommendations for existing companies wanting to update their stacks, what he sees as the trends for 2018, and which two things about serverless fascinate him.