Helping Enterprises Move Faster With New Relic’s Grace Andrews
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The biggest challenge for businesses today is development of software at speed, at scale. For startups, this may be second nature, but for large enterprises, it’s the nature of the beast: the bigger the company, the slower it probably moves. For developers inside of these enterprises, it can be easy to feel left behind. As the world moves on to cloud-based AI, IoT, serverless, event-driven streaming servers, the typical enterprise developer with a monolith, database, and an actual datacenter can easily get a feeling of being old and boring. Grace Andrews, solutions engineer at New Relic, said that most enterprises have the same problem: speed. “The ecosystem is growing so much faster than it ever has before. People are always talking about Docker, containers, microservices, etc. But folks sometimes forget there’s still roughly 70% to 80% of the industry that is not yet fully automated. You’ve got folks on this side having conversations about these containerized ecosystems and environments, and how they need…