Portworx CTO Gou Rao: PX 2.0 Followed the ‘Big Shift’ to the Cloud
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It is certainly well known how Kubernetes and microservices can offer organizations unapparelled opportunities in agility, speed to deployment, resource savings and other advantages — but harnessing this power can be a difficult, especially when moving to multi-cloud environments. The challenges associated with helping organizations make the jump to the cloud has served as a main theme of Portworx’s narrative as a company, culminating in the release this week of PX-Enterprise 2.0, a cloud native storage and data management solution geared for containers. This was the main during a podcast Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack, hosted with Gou Rao, co-founder and CTO, of Portworx. The release of PX-Enterprise 2.0 also culminates with the updates PX-Motion and PX-Central. As its name suggest, PX-Enterprise 2.0 is designed to facilitate data movement across and between a multi- and hybrid-cloud scenario, Rao said. “The goal is to compliment Kubernetes, by laying out a design pattern in how…