Security for Kubernetes
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With all the excitement around containers and Kubernetes, it can be easy to forget that these systems still require the same types of help that older virtual machine and hardware-based systems needed. Chief among that list of needs is security. We sat down at KubeCon in Copenhagen to discuss this very topic with Liz Rice, Technology Evangelist at Aqua Security, Justin Cappos, Associate Professor Computer Science and Engineering at the NYU - Tandon School of Engineering. Cappos is one of the driving forces behind the TUF Project, which stands for “The Update Framework.” “We had a pretty long history of going and doing a lot of work with folks at the Tor project and other large software distributions and maybe had concerns about nation-state actors maybe stepping in. About 3 or 4 years ago the Docker community came together and build a really nice implementation of TUF Notary, and as of about 6 months ago, both the Docker implementation, which is the cloud focused implementation of TUF, and the TUF…